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Undergraduate minor in applied psychology in educational & community settings

Enrich your major & boost your future career with a minor in APECS

An APECS minor will increase your knowledge, skill level, and experience working with children and youth in a variety of settings. You'll become familiar with the field of educational psychology, acquire knowledge and skills conducting research and/or serving in educational and community contexts. And you'll apply your knowledge and skills through a hands-on practicum experience.

This minor is a good choice for students who wish to pursue future graduate education in educational psychology, social work, counseling, college student personnel, youth development, teaching, or other related fields.


This 18-credit minor will allow you to apply psychological theory (systems-ecological, developmental, behavioral, cognitive-behavioral) to interpersonal, social, cultural, institutional, or economic contexts. You will be required to complete at least one of the following courses for 3 credits

Practicum: Psychology of Multiculturalism in Education

Students spend ninety hours working with children, youth, or adults in ESL tutoring or after-school youth programs. Students develop sensitivities and competencies related to multicultural issues in U.S. society.

Educational Psychology Undergraduate Research Practicum

This course is a practicum experience that is designed to provide supervised research experience. Students are matched with University faculty members and their research projects.

For more course information, see core and elective courses.

Declaring & completing your minor


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"I've always been interested in education. But the research projects I've worked on have given me the opportunity to work with people coming in. It has helped me to realize that I want to work hands on with students."

Tayler Loiselle headshot

Tayler Loiselle

Emphasis: Child psychology, APECS

Interests: Education, school counseling, working with kids

Research: Child Psychology labs, STEM Thinking, Reasoning & Learning Lab with Dr. Keisha Varma

Future plans: Work in a school setting as a school counselor for grades K-12


For questions about APECS, contact Rose Vukovic, director of undergraduate studies, at 612-626-7874 or